Capturing stories in film.

During my time as a graduate studentĀ at Columbia inĀ 2021, I produced issue-based pieces, shedding light on various topics, such as BIPOC entrepreneurship, business management during the time of COVID-19 and LGBTQ+ immigration in New York City.

Black Women Entrepreneurs Open NY Beauty Suites

Johanne Brierre is the Head of Growth at BKLYN Commons, a co-working space for Black entrepreneurs in Brooklyn, New York City. After enduring the effects of Covid-19 in the business industry along with her community, she is now opening up NY Beauty Suites, an extension of the space reserved for beauty business owners, alongside Black women entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Produced by Melody Greene and AJ Jondonero in partial fulfillment of the course "Image and Sound" at the Columbia Journ